Time for a Blog

OK, it’s finally time to do this blog thing. I’ve found I want a place for things in the middle – by which I mean many things.

There’s the middle as the length in words of the piece itself: longer than tweets but shorter than papers. (Actually, given my completist tendencies, maybe some posts will be that length. But you get the idea.)

There’s the middle as the length of time I work on it: longer than the minutes I put into a tweet, but shorter than the months or even years I put into a paper. (And much, much shorter than a full book.)

There’s the middle as the level of formality: more than talking in person, less than my academic writing. (Actually, I wonder which direction I’ll end up taking. Snark levels may well vary on a post by post basis.)

There’s also the middle as the common ground where a bunch of topics I care about all intersect: visualization as an intellectual field, my own work in the area, the academic infrastructure around vis including conferences and journals, process questions of how to write papers and run a research group.

Finally, there’s being in the middle of things out of that oh-so-human desire to keep up with the Joneses: all the cool kids are doing it!


  1. cool. why not name the blog “the middle”? would be a cool name.


  2. Hi Dean – Interesting idea, I’ll think about it. I ended up having “in the middle” be the theme of this first post, but I don’t know if it has the legs to endure across time…

    My current name “Vis and More” at least beats my first attempt: “Tamara Munzner’s Blog”, a title so terribly vacuous that it didn’t even last a day!


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